KAMIL – Fatih Turan

Kamil played by Fatih Turan is  the son of  Adel’s Grand Uncle’s  chauffeur. Adel and his family treat him like one of their own. Kamil and Adel have been best friends since childhood. He always tries to be the peace keeper.

Fatih Turan is a graduate of the William Davis Centre for Actors’ Study at Vanarts, Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. He is a fight choreographer and spent years in China studying martial arts. He has film credits as an actor and as a stunt man in Germany. (

ADEL –  Jon Welch

ADEL – played by Jon Welch – A young fair skinned blue eyed Turkish man from a middle class Muslim family in Istanbul, dreams of leaving his dead-end life in Turkey to seek opportunities and wealth in the USA. He is completely fed up with his father’s weakness to stand up to his grand uncle for land and property from his grandfather’s inheritance.

Jon has played various roles in different productions such as: Schemer, Kared Pictures, Enemy Combatant, Art House Motion Picture, Through the Lens, Off the Air Entertainment and Cleanliness, Vice Films Productions. (IMDB profile page)


NORA introducing Kim Bennett

Nora is a professional intelligent, educated woman. She always dreamed of traveling and exploring other cultures but is stuck in a boring relationship with her boss. She is not a risk taker but wishes she could be more daring. Her day job is as a head teacher at an English as a Second Language school at the university.

Kim is a graduate of the University of British Columbia Theatre department. Her credits include Cecile in Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Walterdale Playhouse), Julia in The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Project X Theatre), and Celia in As You Like It (Project X Theatre).


YONKA – played by Donna Bonastella

Yonka is Adel’s second cousin. Her grandfather (Adel’s Grand uncle) is the head of the whole family and controls everyone’s lives. Yonka is a rebellious, nontraditional Turkish woman. She is feisty, stubborn, manipulative and spoiled. She moved to Canada in her teens so she has become very adjusted to the Canadian way of life. Donna has been acting in theatre and film productions and working in TV broadcasting in Ottawa for the past ten years.


GRAND UNCLE – featuring John Samaha

Known as the Godfather of Istanbul, Adel’s Grand Uncle is a cold hearted, selfish, greedy businessman. He controls the family money (inheritance that rightfully belongs to Adel’s father)John Samaha has been featured in many films and tv shows. He wrote, directed and produced his own comedy show in Australia. He has been teaching acting/screencasting workshops for the past 15 years. He is currently on location in Los Angeles, California filming a TV series. Visit his site at:


ADEL’S FATHER – played by Seyhan Demir

Adel’s father is not used to standing up to his uncle especially for land and property from his father’s inheritance. He is a good man who works hard to support his wife and six children. Adel thinks he is weak because he does not fight for what is rightfully his.


MIRWAN – played by Sam Mansouri

Kamil’s cousin is a weak, weasly, underhanded, backstabbing crooked businessman. Works for Adel’s Grand uncle and does his dirty work for him.


ADEL’S MOTHER played by Victoria Vice

Adel’s mother is a good woman who works hard to help the family survive with the little amount of money his father brings home from his on and off employment in construction. He and his younger brothers and sisters adore their mother very much. His father’s family, on the other hand, is very cold to his mother and treats her and her children as strangers.


AYCA wife of Kamil – played by Sera Malazi

Ayca has a bubbly personality and is a busybody. She is a perfect traditional Turkish wife. She loves her husband and makes him happy cooking her delicious meals.


MICHAEL – played by Tony Hoare

Nora’s Fiancee, not super handsome but not completely unattractive. He is a dull, straight laced, program director of the Academic dept of the English Language Institute, unromantic, predictable, strong minded.


MEHMET – played by Farshad Taghizadeh-Roudposhti

Kamil’s friend and co-worker in Canada. He is also Ayca’s cousin and lives with her family. He is loyal and loves to hang out with Adel and Kamil because he thinks they are cool. He also studies at the English Language Institute with Kamil.


SAMI, ADEL’S BROTHER – played by Arif Guler

Sami looks up to Adel and Kamil. He plans that when he is old enough he will follow in Adel’s footsteps.


GUY – played by Victor Stapelberg

Yonka’s best friend who is straight forward and is a no nonsense guy. He says whats on his mind which is what Yonka loves about him.


KAMIL’S FATHER-IN-LAWplayed by Osgur Demirbad

Father of Ayca (Kamil’s wife). Turkish, hot headed and stubborn. He owns and manages a greasy fast food stall in the food court of a busy mall. He does not trust Adel, Kamil’s best friend because he is influenced by the West. He is over protective of his daughter.


MS. MYRTLE featuring Drea King

Nora’s co-worker at the English Language Institute. She enjoys having fun and loves to laugh. Her students think she’s the best teacher in the school.

Drea has acted in productions for both stage and screen across North America and the UK. She acted in several leading roles in films such as ‘Anaphylaxis’, and ‘A New Design’. Her films have been screened at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, Sarasota Florida, Bahamas International, Sacramento California, and Victoria BC Film Festivals. More information about Drea can be found at her official website:


MS. SUAREZ – played by Michelle Halldorson

Nora’s fellow ESL teacher. She is best friends with Ms. Myrtle and always watching her back. She and Nora get along but are not that close.


MIGUEL – played by Andrew V. Cruz

Adel and Kamil’s friend from the ESL school at the university. Everyone likes to hang around with him.


MOE – played by Rick Luciani

An older man Adel befriends in the detention centre.


LOUNGE SINGER – played by Arielle Tuliao

Arielle Tuliao is a talented actress, singer and dancer. Her music will be featured throughout the film and also on the soundtrack.


YONKA’S MOTHER – played by Josefina Suarez

She is over protective and naive. She is the daughter of Adel’s Grand Uncle.


YONKA AS CHILD played by Emma Rosado

She is a feisty girl who won’t take no for an answer. She rebels against her family traditions even at a young age.


ADEL AS CHILD – played by Jakob

Adel sees how his grand uncle has stolen his father’s wealth and his pride. He vows to never be like his father. He dreams of leaving Turkey to find a life in the US.


KAMIL AS CHILD – played by Geoff Scales

Kamil is Adel’s most loyal trusted friend. The son of Adel’s grand uncle’s driver.


Kamil’s kidsplayed by Evan and Niko Vulgaris


SUSAN Yonka’s friend – played by Linda McIntyre

Susan, Guy and Jenny are Yonka’s closest circle of friends. They all work at a Vancouver downtown executive hotel.


JENNY Yonka’s friend – played by Maki Natori

Susan, Guy and Jenny are Yonka’s closest circle of friends. They all work at a Vancouver downtown executive hotel.

Maki Natori is also a professional Middle Eastern dancer and her dancing is featured in the movie. She was one of the 2010 winners of the Belly Dance Evolution Contest chosen from applicants all around the world to perform on stage in the El Portal Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Details about Maki are available at:




GRANDUNCLE’S BODYGUARD – played by Demitri Douzenis


MIRWAN’S BODYGUARD – played by John James Mirras


MARIO, YONKA’S LOVER – played by Ricardo Rosado


ZEID played by Merhdad Mansiupour


IMMIGRATION JUDGE played by Rob Mahe


LAWYER played by Marguerite Toews


JAPANESE TOURIST played by Peter Hsu


HOTEL SUPERVISOR – played by Andrew Scales


WOMAN #1 IN NIGHT CLUB – played by Chelsea Styles


KAMIL’S MOTHER-IN-LAW – played by Laura Fatma Hussein

Mother of Ayca (Kamil’s wife). She is a traditional Turkish wife who is proud of her daughter. She expects Kamil to be a good husband to her daughter.


JULIANA, ADEL’S SISTER – played by Natalie Kriss


KEANANA, ADEL’S SISTERplayed by Jennifer Merhi-William


Grand Uncle’s wife – played by Sherry Duggal


SHEIKH played by Mike Merhi


KAMIL’S SON played by Adam


ESL Teacher played by DJ Bowen


ESL students
played by Jessica Dersch, Corlis Chi, Derrick Chiang, Chris Cheer, Sebastien Sosnowski, Daniel Miles, Caitlin Der, Kodai Saeki, Takeshi Kagawa, Saori Matsumura, Tatsuya Honda, Harumi Yoshida, Yumin Yu, Lawrence Lam, Gillian Wong, Patrick Li, Kanaiya Mutna


featured Turkish Musicians
played by Safak Gokhan Karaca, Erdal Kun, Erman Yavuz, Isil Yilmaz




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